Onirico is Italy. It’s an Italian name that invites you to dream.
It’s a collection inspired by the culture of Italian craftsmanship. Each pair of glasses wants to pay homage to "Italian taste and style," words that have made Italian creativity known around the world.
Its conviviality, beauty, history and passion make our country unique: this is the spirit of this collection. Onirico is Italy.
Made in Italy
An Emilian production, for a 100% Made in Italy eyewear.
The entire production cycle is internal to our company. We work with advanced machinery, never forgetting the tradition of craftmanship.
We proudly use quality and full of color acetates. Some of them enclose fine silks with patterns all different from each other.
Dreamy shades and the mix of small acetate details, create unique and refined color combinations, embellishing each frame.
And the metal parts, Made in Italy as well, as a completion of these small artworks.
Very People
People make history… and things.
Onirico was born from Nannini, an eyewear company since 1954.
Today we continue to write our story, producing our frames. Onirico is all of us.
We are in Reggio Emilia, a city in the heart of Emilia, from where we draw traditions, spirit and taste for beauty and good.